The Alumni Homestay Network Advantage

Homestays through the Alumni Homestay Network (AHN) are designed to promote a deep, personal cultural exchange between our host families and the international students who become their guests. Whether students come for a few weeks or an entire academic year, the benefits of our alumni homestays lay the foundation for a rich and successful lifetime experience for both the student and alumni host:

  • More Flexibility in Types of Homestay Experiences
  • An Encouraging Environment
  • Better Cultural Immersion for International Students
  • Support from Professional Homestay Management
  • The Highest Standards and Increased Safety for Students

"Asumi brought so much joy and love into my home …this has truly been an amazing, unforgettable, and life changing experience. I had no idea that we would enjoy it so much. We not only connected with Asumi but her mom and sister as well. Asumi will be visiting us again. She knows she is always welcome in my home."


Host - Chicago

"Our original agreement was for 5 months, but we all get along so well that we have an open-ended agreement to host him as long as he would like. Our student is 7 years older than my son, and he is like the big brother he never had."


Host - Pacific Northwest