The Value of an Alumni Homestay for Institutions

Many institutions across the world are looking to build their international education program or, for the first time, wanting to enter the international education market.

With increasing numbers of international students wanting to study in a Western educational setting and the demand for housing outpacing supply, international and alumni relations officers have an opportunity to partner in creation of a very timely program that can achieve the following:

  • By building stronger relationships between international students and alumni, the Alumni Homestay Network (AHN) provides a direct way for both students and alumni to strengthen their affinity towards the institution
  • As a bonus, the relationship between your institution and AHN helps provide a program that assists international admissions officers and agents with a compelling recruitment tool
  • We also have a model that rewards success for participating alumni
  • Institutions will automatically extend their global brand and reputation beyond regional, state and national borders through our networks
  • Your international students will be properly orientated and welcomed to your institution and community
  • And, most importantly, properly hosted international students are more likely to succeed in their academic year than those who did not have the same support

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