A Successful Student Experience Starts With A Great Homestay

Homestays through the Alumni Homestay Network (AHN) are designed to promote a deep, personal cultural exchange between our host families and the international students who become their guests.

The benefits of our alumni homestays lay the foundation for a rich and successful lifetime experience for both the student and alumni host:

  • Flexible living arrangements from their first few weeks up to a full term
  • An encouraging environment that fast tracks the transition for students from their homeland to their new campus community
  • Alumni ambassadors orientate students to both the local community and the traditions of their former college, university or school
  • Better cultural immersion for supporting students who need English language skills through daily conversation
  • The highest quality homestay partner based on experience, accountability, system integrity, transparency, personalized services as well as student welfare and safety

"Families who welcome students into their homes and hearts not only enrich a life of an exceptional young person, they help build people-to- people connections that span the globe and last a lifetime."

Hilary Clinton

U.S. Secretary of State